Joosep Matjus 
is a passionate and dedicated wildlife and creative feature documentary cinematographer and director who likes new challenges and tries to push the limits of camerawork in remote wilderness. Often involved in all the stages of film production, he has a good idea of filmmaking as a whole. 

Katri Rannastu
 is a documentary filmmaker who has been working as a professional editor since 2008. As a director she made her first documentary Summer of Newspaper Kid in 2008 and her latest film is Gardener of Tension Field (2021). She has been editing award-winning documentaries like The Wind Sculpted Land (2018) and Fred Jüssi. Beauty of
being (2020), both of the films were two most viewed documentaries in Estonian
cinemas. She was one of the producers of Wind Sculpted Land, co-producer for
international projects such as Matsalus Moose, Pathfinder and producer of
Gardener of Tension Field.

reg. no 12909840
VAT EE101830182